About us

MB Cosmetics Lab was born from a vision between an Organic Cosmetic Formulator and a Lawyer, between two colleagues, two friends. Our combined background and experience in cosmetic formulation, law, sales of organic products and, most importantly, care for our clients, makes us a perfect fit for your brand ! 

We thrive in working with indie beauty brands and we understand your needs very well because we, too, are an indie beauty business. When it comes to skincare, body care and hair care, consumers want to buy more than just a product. They want to buy from a brand that resembles them. A brand that is in line with their values, the causes they support and their lifestyle ; all the while being unique, innovative and of high quality.

We know that combining formulation, manufacturing, labelling, marketing and cosmetic regulations can be overwhelming. That is why we created MB Cosmetics Lab, a one-way stop for indie beauty brands to have their products custom-made and manufactured as well as receive guidance in complying with European regulations regarding your cosmetic products.

Moreover, we work closely with you to source ingredients and packaging in line with your brand’s ethos. Our core values are purity and integrity, in our formulations and our business. We prefer plant-based ingredients over synthetic ones because we believe in nature’s ability to take care of us all the while presenting you with premium quality ingredients to create premium quality cosmetic products for you brand.

Welcome to our little corner of the world, welcome to your indie beauty adventure !

The MB Cosmetics Laboratory Team !