Design Your Cosmetic Line

Do you want to launch your own cosmetic brand ? Or do you want to grow your brand ? Welcome to MB Cosmetics Laboratory, a place to develop, manufacture, condition your products and help you understand european régulations to sell your products on the european market.


Tell us your ideas, we will make them come true ! Whether you would like a new formula or an adaptation of an existing one, we are at your disposal to talk about it.


We are a Belgian-based private label contract manufacturing company that makes science and nature meet to develop high-performing and fully plant-based cosmetic products.


Our manufacturing unit caters to the needs of indie beauty brands with dedication and love !


We liaise for you with CPSR assessors, external labs for stability and challenge tests, we create the PIF of each of your products for you and accompany you in the process of registering your products on the CPNP.

We are a cosmetic laboratory for indie beauty, eco-friendly, zero-waste brands and we offer several services from formulation to manufacturing. Here is what we can offer :

  • Product development (R&D and formulation)
  • Adaptation of existing formulas
  • Coaching in formulation (receive a personnalised feedback on your formulation, brainstorm your ideas and be challenged to further perfect your formulas)
  • Manufacturing and conditioning
  • PIF Creation

Contact us to start your project : (