Questions & Answers

If you want to know more about our way of working or if you have questions, here we have tried to think of some you might have :

  • How can you ensure that what we talk about stays confidential ?

As this is part of our business, we will never disclose anything that you discuss with us but if you'd like, we can provide a NDA or sign yours.

  • If we want to take your formulation services, how does it work ?

We discuss your project: It is where we look at your ideas, your preferred ingredients, your target market, the feasibility of your ideas, the certifications you would like to get, the cosmetic claims of your product(s), etc.

This is where we look at the cost of development, cost of required tests and documents + average cost of packaging/raw materials/manufacturing. When we agree on the quote, we sign the contract.

This is where we gather information and ideas and come up with a product rationale to discuss with you before moving to the sample production phase.  

This stage is the central phase of your product development as this is where we design the formula and the samples for you to try. It takes several months to complete because we modify the formulation depending on the feedback we received from you after testing the samples. You will receive a total of 6 samples (per pack of 2). Additional samples can be ordered for an additional fee if you would like to have a pool of testers try the samples as well.

Once you are happy with the product we have created, we start testing the formulation for stability and compatibility as well as microbiology safety tests (using an independent laboratory for the latter). Afterwards, we send the formulation for CPSR assessment and creating the PIF (Product Information File). Once you receive the PIF, you will have to register your products on the CPNP to be able to legally sell in Europe (not applicable if you are not in Europe).

After sending you the PIF and turning over to you the IP rights of the formulation, it will be time to create the physical products to launch. We have our own manufacturing lab and can offer this service to our clients but you are also completely free to take your formula and manufacture elsewhere.

  • What is the approximate price of a formulation ?

New Formula :

The price for an anhydrous formulation (without water) starts at 1000€ excl. VAT (quote more precise after a call to determine your objectives).
The price for a water-based formulation starts at 1800€ excl. VAT (quote more precise after a call to determine your objectives).

Adaptation of an Existing Formula :

Prices start at 650€ (excl. VAT) for anhydrous products and start at 850€ (excl. VAT) for water-based products.

  • Paying and contract

For each service that you take with us, you will sign a contract and the payment modalities will be arranged over email when we send the final price offer.